26 August 2018

The Techno fabric, designed exclusively for Roche Bobois

The Techno® fabric, designed exclusively for Roche Bobois, has been designed to perfectly match complex shapes, including rounded shapes.

Composed mainly of wool, its honeycomb structure gives it lightness, elasticity and an exceptional ability to resist deformations.

Made on a specific loom that allows an exceptional fineness of mesh and an improvement of the resistance in time.

The fabric obtained with the "honeycomb" motif is then applied on a base in contrasting polyester in 3 possible variations:

Techno2D® fabric: ‘Honeycomb’ motif applied on a tone-on-tone polyester base (16 colours)

Techno3D® fabric: ‘Honeycomb’ motif (15 colours) applied on a black polyester base

Techno4D® fabric: ‘Honeycomb’ motif purple or gray applied on a polyester base (8 colours)

The result: a real optical effect of pattern depth and increased comfort. The quality of the components used and the high technicality of this fabric thus guarantee dynamic performances never reached for a furnishing fabric.

This unique fabric, which combines visual comfort and dynamic comfort, dresses at Roche Bobois the Bubble model designed by Sacha Lakic. Its lines, which evoke a cloud of bubbles, are perfectly matched by this fabric stretchable in 3 directions.
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