03 October 2018

Schiffini new products 2018

Every Schiffini kitchen is created while focusing on those who will use it daily. The ergonomic design and compositional harmony of its kitchens reflect the ideal that the company has always pursued, masterly combining these aspects with features, lighting and matter.

Lepic program designed by Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison’s Lepic program is the completion of a journey that began with the Lepic kitchen in 2016 and has been broadened and completed today according to the new needs created by the continuous evolution of the way we live, of the way we use our kitchens and living areas.

Lepic program meets these needs with a series of products dedicated to the demands of contemporary living which require ever-greater integration between kitchens and living areas. Once rigidly separated, today they tend to be united and integrated transversally, becoming the absolute centre of the house.

The entire Lepic program encapsulates Jasper Morrison’s creative philosophy, playing with the combination of two apparently contradictory materials: natural wood, both solid and coated, paired with FENIX NTM®, the nanotechnological material made by Arpa Industriale that has revolutionised the use of materials in interior design.

The new ‘free-standing’ furniture rests on trestles and can be used both as kitchen furniture, in which case it can be equipped with domestic appliances, or as furniture in the living area with all the features of elegant living room elements.

The Bookshelf is made in solid ash with thick FENIX NTM® shelves (Solid type), and serves as both a dividing element and a common element shared by various areas of the home.

The Credenza is in solid elm with elm and glass-framed sliding doors: elements that can be harmoniously placed in any room.

Triangle Bookcase designed by Vico Magistretti

Vico Magistretti continues to surprise us with his unprecedented Triangle bookcase that he designed for Schiffini in 1995 but was never put into production.

The shelf supports are a metal profile that forms a triangle and serve to support the thick shelves made with FENIX NTM® (solid type). The Decoma studio has seen to the item’s engineering, also envisaging lighting solutions for the back section of the wall version.

The Triangle Bookshelf is available in two versions, wall or free-standing, in the compositions of the iconic Cinqueterre model, also by Magistretti.

New Cinqueterre Finishes designed by Vico Magistretti

New Cinqueterre Finishes designed by Vico Magistretti Cinqueterre is the consummate embodiment of the collaboration between Schiffini and Vico Magistretti. Launched back in 2000, the project is still hugely successful today and continues to serve as a symbol of innovation in the field. This is partly because Cinqueterre was the first kitchen to be made entirely of aluminium. For Milan Design Week 2018 this model designed by Vico Magistretti will be presented in two other exclusive finishes: Brass and Chrome.

Kitchenette Appliance Kitchenette is a new household appliance designed and produced exclusively for Schiffini and has a stainless steel structure. The hob and large oven have professional characteristics but are intended for homes.

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