11 June 2020


More than ever, our lives today are subject to change. For Berlin designers Tina Bunyaprasit and Werner Aisslinger, this was the motivation and inspiration behind creating Rolf Benz ADDIT, a freely movable living collage. The result is a modular sofa landscape in an iconic design that adapts to virtually every wish and every room situation – and which can also, when required, be expanded piece by piece. The graphically linear, floating appearance blends with any surroundings. The voluminous cushions make Rolf Benz ADDIT the ultimate feel-good experience.


Is that even still a sofa? Rolf Benz ADDIT is a media point, a meeting place for the family, a home office, a play area, a place to chat and a cabinet of curiosities all in one. Rolf Benz ADDIT is made up of individual upholstered elements that sit on a fine, leather-covered frame. The design communicates a playful, lightweight appearance yet has the elegance of a modern classic. As an individual sofa or in a combination of modular elements, it is ideal for all floor plans. Combined with shelving units and trays, with brackets and matching coffee tables and rugs, Rolf Benz ADDIT creates an unending number of possibilities. Add, for example, a shelving unit on the back – positioned in the middle or to the side. On its own or in combination with a bracket, it brings together a cosy comfort zone and elegant storage. In order to satisfy not only your taste but also your physique, you can choose between two seat heights

The striking frame, which supports the fine leather framework, can be designed with traffic black, telegrey 4 or sapphire blue surfaces. The optional trays are available in steel (also in traffic black, telegrey 4 or sapphire blue) or like the shelves in solid wood (oak, black oak or walnut). The brackets can be covered in all leathers from the collection.

The comfortable Rolf Benz ADDIT armchair with optional tray impresses both as an individual piece and as an ideal add-on to the sofa. Designers Tina Bunyaprasit and Werner Aisslinger are also the creators of the coffee tables of the same name, which are available in various sizes and surfaces . The duo have also created the four rugs, as fitting companions for Rolf Benz ADDIT in terms of their look and materials.

Sofa widths: 188, 206, 224, 242 cm - Seat heights: 42 and 45 cm - Seat depth: 63 cm

Design: Tina Bunyaprasit & Werner Aisslinger
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