Putting forward its 35-year management know-how, Le Cercle team of seasoned architects and designers is dedicated to delivering successful, turnkey projects to architects, consultants, contractors and investors. Through skillfully curated partnerships with prestigious brands, and a network of internationally acclaimed interior designers and architects, Le Cercle becomes your reference from shell to core.

Our team leads on complex projects providing architects, architectural firms and contractors, dedicated to interpreting and translating every specific aesthetic and functional detail, analyzing the design requirements and quality standards set by the customer.

With an expert eye and unique approach, we collaborate with the best to obtain for each project the added value of a cutting-edge industrial company, bespoke design, as well as optimized logistics.

If you are in the business of interior design, architecture or contracting, Le Cercle will hold your fingers on the pulse of the industry and give you access exclusive local and overseas interior design and art events, as well as seeing your name and work in Le Cercle brands partners communication platforms.
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