02 February 2022

Introducing Pablo Outdoor

Pablo Outdoor sofa & armchairs

The Pablo sofa and armchair collection, with its decisive design and innovative proportions, is available in an outdoor version, breathing life into a series that includes an armchair in two depths, sofa, and footrest. The soul of the original project lies in the wood frame, which for Pablo Outdoor is made of teak, the ideal material for outdoors. The geometry of the supporting frame presents a sophisticated balance of straight and curved lines, but this is not just an aesthetic choice. In fact, the frame, with its uninterrupted surface, was designed to ease maintenance of the wood, which is easy to treat as necessary. The rear fabric panels are anchored to rods that can be removed easily. This is also an aesthetic choice that meets a technical solution aimed at simplifying care for the wood and maintenance of the textile parts. These design expedients allow customers choosing the Pablo Outdoor collection to let it age naturally or have it returned its original condition.

The continuity of the form and quality of the wood make Pablo Outdoor particularly pleasant to the touch. Comfort and softness are also found in the deep seat and back enhanced with cushions that can be arranged freely. The low seat is composed of a single generously upholstered cushion, nearly a mattress that creates an ample area perfect for isolating yourself or sharing moments of conviviality. The 210 cm wide sofa interacts with the armchairs in two depths, one more suited to conversation, the other for relaxing as if on a chaise longue. The footrest has a similar teak frame and an upholstered base covered in fabric. Solid and compact, this accessory is also suitable for use as a small service table.

Pablo Outdoor small tables

The decisive yet soft lines of Pablo Outdoor seats are perfectly balanced in the small cement outdoor tables. Linear, solid, and highly geometric shapes represent the heart of these architectural objects with a certain effect. To provide multiple solutions, the small Pablo Outdoor tables come in two sizes and two colors. The antiqued white and cement grey colors give shape to a large, low model that works perfectly as an island defining a conversation area, and a higher, narrower model with a square base, is ideal as a service element next to the sofa or armchair.
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