05 February 2018


Vero Sharp is a German, contemporary, mixed-media artist born on February 13, 1975 in Prague, Czech Republik. She is a painter, printmaker, and is best known for her techniques utilizing acrylic paint and resin with a scraper on structured wood to produce bulbous ridges and forms in the surfaces of her works.

She has a master degree in design and she is fascinated by powerful images that have something to say without the need for explanation. Today her works can be found in the galleries and collections of Zürich, Africa, Paris, New York and Dubai, among others. Vero Sharp lives and works between Würzburg, Germany and Spain.

She creates bulges, bubbles, and drips using resin adhesive and acrylics, changing the appearance with a scraper using her hands and arms.

Vero Sharp used photographs as templates for the first time and manipulates it for print on a wooden surface. She creates blurred-looking indistinctness by painting over them with a scraper with acrylic or oil, which alienates the realism of the templates.Vero Sharp covers canvases with impressive and sensual organic volumes made of inflated vinyl adhesive.

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