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Miguel Milá represents like no other person Spanish contemporary design. He belongs to the pioneer’s generation of the 50s, and has seen how many of his pieces of furniture and lamps have become real classics.

Miguel Milá started working as an interior designer in the architecture studio of his brother Alfonso Milá and partner Federico Correa. It was the end of the 50s, a time of crisis when Spain hardly knew what industrial design was. There was practically no industry, everything was generally handmade. This framework marked the way Miguel Milá understood design, sensitive to the appreciation and use of traditional techniques.

Despite the shortage of objects, means and raw materials of the time, Miguel Milá started designing lamps and furniture, that he soon manufactured in his own company, Tramo, a company he set up with two friends: architects F. Ribas Barangé and E. Pérez Ullibari.

Many works came out of Tramo, abbreviation for “trabajos molestos” (annoying works), including the previous versions of the famous TMC and TMM lamps (1958 and 1961), timeless classic designs that are still being sold today. Subsequently, he set up his own industrial and interior design studio.
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