• Dedon Island - Spa Camp: Fitness Center, Siargao Island, The Philipinne, 2016
  • "La vie est belle", Outdoor bed for Dedon Island, 2016
  • Villa in Paros, Greece
  • "Milky Way night installation" for the Segera resort, Kenya
  • Humanitarian project "Compostella", In Cebu, The Philippine
  • Dedon Showroom, Luneberg, Germany, 2016
  • Dedon Booth, Salone Milano, Italy 2014
  • Field Museum installation, Chicago, USA
  • Sage, "office and restaurant", Chicago, USA
  • Sagegreenlife, "green lamps lamp; accessories for housing", Chicago, USA, 2016
  • Sagegreenlife, vegetal architectural projects, Chicago, USA
  • American Design Festival, Chicago, USA
  • Esfera, luxury furniture - marble, wood, ceramics, Mexico
  • "Pirwi" home furnishing collection, Mexico 2016
  • Toop Toop, children's footware and accessories, Usa
  • Hotel 25 hours, Barcelona
  • Urrea, accessories and designer bathroom concepts, Mexico, 2015
  • Stanza, accessories and designer bathroom concepts, Mexico, 2015
  • Aliquid, art installation, Mexico 2014
  • Kocoon, outdoor furniture for Sifas, France, 2013
  • "Manoah Beach" Hotel, Anguilla, partnership with Xavier Bohl's workshop, Port Grimaud
  • FIAPP, showroom and furniture for Spas and beaty parlours, Bergame, Italy, 2014
  • Mavlinka, children's book, illustrations

Prizes and honorary awards

  • 1996 - Union of metal structures Prize for the project " The third Paris airport, an intermodal station".
  • 1997 - Nominated by the Academy des Beaux Arts of Paris for the "Concours de l'Institut" Award with the "Saint Charles Station development project in Marseille"
  • 2011 - "2011 Oeuvre of the year" award from "Obras" journal for the Omnilife Soccer stadium, in Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • 2011 - "2011 Oeuvre of the year" award from the Ibero-american Council of Designers for the Soccer stadium in Guadalajara, Mexico
  • 2012 - "Good Design awards" Prize for the Nest Rest, Dedon
  • 2014 - First prize of the International Council SMI (Mexican Society of Interior Designers), partner of the International Design Alliance
  • 2015 - GIA (Global Innovation Award) Prize for Design Excellence, Fireflies Dome, Sagegreenlife, Chicago USA
  • 2016 - IFDA best in show for lightning" Prize in New York NOW, USA.
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