Mixte living room
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Mixte living room


Ligne Roset


Living Room


Media Storage


472 mm


713 mm

CONCEPT: these one-piece items are reasonably-sized and permit a furnishing style which is less constraining and more nomadic. They pieces will appeal to all those who favour an unstructured approach to furnishing. SIDEBOARD WITH HINGED DOORS: the basic version is a 4-door sideboard. The right-hand door may be replaced by a block of 2 drawers (upper drawer with handhold, lower drawer with 'push' mechanism) or even with an open niche with a central shelf (with rear return) within a lacquered aluminium frame, similar to the Mixte dividing panel. The two left-hand doors open to reveal a central full-width shelf and with no intermediate panel. The third door (and the fourth in the case of the 4-door version) conceals a space the same width as the door. Doors are all in the same finish (sawn oak or lacquer), or with a contrast cutout (wood on lacquer, lacquer on wood, one lacquer colour on another). SIDEBOARD WITH COPLANAR DOORS: this sideboard, in the same dimensions as the 4-door sideboard, is equipped with 2 coplanar doors. The internal space is split into 2 halves with a large central shelf in each. The 2 coplanar doors are in the same finish. OCCASIONAL UNIT: with a height of 146 cm, this piece comprises 2 hinged doors with a niche to the side (to the left or right). Working on the same principle as the lateral niche in the sideboard with hinged doors, it is equipped with 3 shelves held within a lacquered aluminium frame. Choice of internal fittings: 3 large full-width shelves or with vertical separation panel and 3 shelves in each section. CHEST OF DRAWERS: for a more sober touch in a bedroom, and to co-ordinate with various styles of bed, this chest is mounted on a 'set back' rather than an arch-shaped base. It has 3 drawers: a tall, capacious drawer at the bottom, with 2 smaller drawers above. TV UNIT: the lower section offers one closed section with 3 hinged doors similar to those of the sideboard, with a return at the top which doubles as a handhold. The left-hand section is double and the right-hand single, with no shelf: these can accommodate units operated remotely by infra-red. The top of this lower section can take a TV (max. 50'' - D 35 cm) set in front of the freestanding wall panel. If the TV is to be attached to the wall panel, a special Mixte fitting will be required to attach the latter to the wall. The usable height of the TV wall panel is 77 cm for a width of 150 cm. This lacquered TV unit may be used on its own or in conjunction with a shelving unit. The doors are lacquered, or in sawn oak. SHELVING UNIT: this offers two upper spaces and one lower one aligned with the lower open section of the TV unit. These spaces are equipped with standard Mixte aluminium lacquered separation panels. The shelving unit is always lacquered and has a back panel on which one may add a note of contrast with one of 5 lacquer colours. FINISHES: tops are in natural, anthracite-stained or argile-stained sawn oak; bottoms are in smooth oak, matched to the tops. Doors and drawers are also available in sawn oak, or in satin white, mastic, argile or elephant lacquer. In the case of the sideboard, the door with contrasting cutout section may also be in mustard lacquer. The sides and metal uprights of the table surfaces are co-ordinating, finished in satin white, mastic, argile or elephant lacquer. The lateral niches of the sideboard and occasional unit have a smooth oak (sideboard) or sawn oak (occasional unit) back panel with shelves in a choice 5 colours of satin lacquer (white, mastic, argile, elephant, mustard). The back panel of the shelving unit and the wall panel of the TV unit are also available in the 5 lacquer colours. All interiors are in argile lacquer (back panels and shelves). Bases are in brilliant-chromed or argile lacquered steel.
Width: 1820 mm
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