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Storage Furniture




Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

Combining elegance, sobriety and finishing details, Estampe is distinguished by sawn oak fronts and sides, doors and drawers with tapered edges with rounded corners and a fixed top plate covered with linoleum. STRUCTURE The fronts feature solid oak sills on the right and left, with a 45 ° cut and a thin lateral thickness. In the upper part only, the corners are rounded, to recall those of the plateau and constitute an elegant detail. The linoleum tray is slightly raised and seems to float in its oak frame. It is glued to a 5 mm HPL laminate and easily removed without tools, using knobs inside the furniture (for easy cleaning). The doors or drawers, and the sides are in sawn oak. 1 shelf behind each door and flap. The front edge of the sides is profiled at 45 ° in a massive alvee. Due to the very specific profile of this piece of furniture, the end doors of the chests open in an unusual way: the hinges are located on the inner cheeks of the chest (not on the outer cheeks as usual). The fronts and drawers are push to open. The compasses of flaps and hinges are nickel-plated. The pedestals of the furniture have a smooth oak chord coordinated with the rest of the structure. The tables have a metal base lacquered clay. Two low tables and one end of a sofa are also proposed in the spirit of the program, ie with a linoleum tray framed by oak profiles. The clay-lacquered steel columns frame a thick lower plate made of sawn oak veneer. Two table sizes are available: 120 x 70 and 118 x 118. The bottom shelves of the low tables and bedside tables are in sawn oak veneer. The selected linoleum (2mm colored Pebble) is of a desktop quality formulated for its use in desks or low tables. It is glued on a HPL laminate of 5mm, whose edge at 45 ° all around is invisible. Linoleum is made of linseed oil and wood or cork powder, protected by a surface varnish. It is therefore a noble and natural material, invented in the 19th century, not to be confused with PVC). Its widespread use for floor coverings is in itself a guarantee of its strength and durability, as well as its ease of maintenance.
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