Rolf benz cubo.
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Rolf benz cubo.


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The new Rolf Benz CUBO sideboards are pared back to the essentials, so as to leave no wish ungranted.There are 20 boxes which can be combined in a myriad different ways entirely in harmony with your ideas. Whether it be a free-standing, individual piece, a composition of straight lines, a creatively designed sideboard or as a room divider: details deep in finesse, the workmanship of the mitred side sections and the sophisticated interplay of lines give these sideboards a stylish, purist and sensual appearance. The classic white and “Made in Germany” quality guarantee that this also remains true for a long time to come. From the box with a door and the drawers, from flaps and attachments all the way through to the media box, all of the elements match each other – and your requirements – perfectly. The “3-2-1” principle (3 heights, 2 widths, 1 depth) makes composing these pieces especially straightforward and flexible. The door, drawer and flap boxes are available in heights of 37.5, 50 and 75 cm (each not including feet) and in widths of 60 cm and 120 cm. Step boxes with attachments in colour-painted aluminium or wood in widths of 120 cm and media boxes measuring 37.5 cm in height and 120 cm in width add the finishing touch to the range. All of the boxes in the Rolf Benz CUBO collection are 48 cm deep, and optionally stand on black plastic feet (height: 2.5 cm) or anthracite-painted metal feet (height: 13 cm) and can optionally be used with a transparent rear wall as a room divider. Cabinet with door or drawer: 60 or 120 x 48 cm, height: 37,5 cm, 50 cm or 75 cm Cabinet with flap: 60 or 120 x 48 cm, height: 37,5 cm Step-Box: 60 or 120 x 48 cm, height: 37,5 cm, 50 cm or 75 cm Media cabinet: 120 x 48 cm, height: 37,5 cm
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