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Item Code: sku-131



Ligne Roset


Storage Furniture




François Bauchet


450 mm

CONCEPTION : a bookcase in the shape of a large classic parallelepiped, the broken lines of LAPA’s central separation panel draw the attention, as if sculpted from a single piece. It creates a ‘microarchitecture’, in which the inclination of the vertical separation panels in alternating directions instils a kind of dynamic imbalance, with not the slightest sense of unease. Quite the contrary, it seems to find its own rhythm, its own balance, give rise to an impression of perfectly-mastered accomplishment and thus the source of irresistible aesthetic jubilation: the bookcase, essentially an inanimate object, appears to come to life. The sculptural, monolithic appearance of the piece is emphasised by the plain, satinfinished treatment of the blackstained oak veneer with the elephantlacquered back panel, or the natural oak finish with the mastic lacquered back panel. QUALITY OF MANUFACTURE: side panels, shelves (choice of 4 or 6) and vertical central separation in blackstained oak veneered panels with elephant lacquered back panel, or in natural oak veneered panels with mastic lacquered back panel. Depending on the number of shelves, the unit offers either 10 storage sections H 36 cm or 14 sections H 25 cm. In 2017, François Bauchet extends the construction principle of the Lapa shelving to encompass 2 new low elements H 82 cm: a low shelving unit and a low chest/sideboard with 2 lacquered doors. If the low shelving unit is only one part of the original high unit, the 2-door chest/sideboard offers a very elegant inset opening method: a solid oak hollowed-out hand-hold set diagonally into the fronts of the 2 doors, the slant of which echoes the broken lines of the shelving unit’s vertical separation panel. Doors are faced in laminate. The 2 elements (low shelving unit and 2-door chest) may be used independently or be combined with the addition of a top. It is possible to create different items by aligning 2 or 3 elements: several low shelving units, several 2-door chests/sideboards, or a mix of shelving units and chests/sideboards. The order in which the elements are uxtaposed is up to the customer.
Height: 820 mm
Width: 800 mm
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